Thursday, June 01, 2006

Father Xmas

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In hope that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The identity of Santa Claus is founded on Nicholas the Bishop of Demre (Myra) in southern Turkey 4th century. His bones were allegedly moved to Italy. He was born in warm sunny climate with green hills and sea breeze in the small village of Patara. At a young age, his parents died leaving a large inheritance. He was a generous man giving to the poor and needy. He kept his donations secret, but word got out.

One story tells how a poor old nobleman with 3 beautiful daughters lived in a run down palace with barely enough to eat. The girls couldn’t marry because there was no money for a wedding. Nicholas secretly deposited a bag of gold through an open window. Nicholas didn’t feel it enough and later deposited another bag of gold. Later there was a third secretive nocturnal visit to enough to finance 3 weddings. This time there was no open window and the nobleman was guarding the first 2 bags. Therefore, Nicholas climbed roof in order to put a bag down chimney. The daughters had left washed stockings drying by the chimney. Gold cascaded down the chimney and into the stockings (this is nearly as good as the story of Jesus eh!)

The girls found the money in the morning, all were able to get married and they lived happily ever after. Many years later when Nicholas had become a famous holy man, this story was remembered and people began to hang up empty stockings and “secretly” fill them for the children for the morning.

Nicholas visited Jerusalem before he grew too old and on his return moved to town of Myra, an important centre of the Christian faith. He visited the local church to find a delegation wishing to welcome him as their new bishop. The congregation had been praying all night in their search for new bishop to replace the last one who had died a few days before. They “heard a voice like thunder” instructing them to choose the first man who entered the church that morning.

The new Bishop of Myra continued his generous ways performing miracles and and amazing deeds. He saved sailors from drowning, innocents from harm and Myra from famine. His interests remained very much with children and he was loved and respected so much the people built a church in his honour: the church of St. Nicholas, still there today.

Years later another church was built in remembrance to him, this time in Italy, as the story was retold and the children of Europe began to hang stockings on the eve of 06 December St. Nicholas’ Day. Passing of time this tradition was melded together with 24/25 December and America (apparently Coca-Cola) added the red imagery. 30.12.2015 - Tracing the Occult Origins of Christmas: Christianity Mind Control and its Terrifying Power Over Believers: