Thursday, June 01, 2006


Nazarboncugu - Nazarboncuğu

The story goes there was a rock by the sea which neither 100 men nor dynamite could move. A local man, believed to carry the 'evil eye' or 'nazar', is brought to the rock. This man declares, “my, what a big rock that is!” and the rock instantly cracks into two.

The word 'nazar' infers seeing or looking. It is characterised as an energy naturally carried by some people within their eyes. This energy is claimed to be scientifically proven and can bring harm to whatever spot is “touched” by the Nazar carrier’s eyes.

Therefore, Nazar is an explanation for random and mysterious mishaps for which there is no other apparent logical explanation. The carrier is not not necessarily evil or of bad intent. It is a random gift, like a musical gift, and can be channelled for the good of people.